TransAngels - Daisy Taylor - Con Fucks Pro (2020)

TransAngels - Daisy Taylor - Con Fucks Pro  (2020)

Daisy Taylor's recently come into a lot of money, and there are a few officers of the law asking some tough questions about where it came from. She shows up at the door of her partner in crime (H3ll4Slootz), telling him that their crime spree is finally coming to an end and begging him for one more fuck before the law men take them down. Daisy's partner roughly grabs her, the two passionately kissing as she's pressed up against a mirror in the corner of a seedy motel room. The pair tear each other's clothes off, leaving Daisy in only her thigh high white stockings as she's lifted up by her thighs and her muscular tattooed man tosses her onto the bed.

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